version 3.3.1
- Reduced Overall memory use
- AliasPad : Fixed a memory Leak
- AliasPad : Fixed a crashing problem when using icons
- MacOS X : Cosmetic fixes
- MacOS X : AliasPad is now working

version 3.3
- NotePad : it is now possible to insert pictures within notes by using copy/paste commands
- NotePad : fixed drag&drop of notes which incorrectly displayed the content of the first note
- ContactPad : lines are no longer truncated when printing lists
- ContactPad : Added Cmd-P shortcut for "Print List"
- ContactPad : fixed a problem which prevented the whole file from being printed
- ContactPad : importing contact file from Outlook Express was not working
- Reduced the size of the executable, but now requires MacOS 8.0 or higher (or MacOS 7 with AppearanceManager)
- Compiled with CodeWarrior 6.1
- Some small cosmetic fixes for MacOS X

version 3.2
- Improved database engine
- NotePad: iOrganize remembers the position of the resizer bar
- NotePad: fixed a bug related to window redrawing when creating a new note
- Notepad&ContactPad: sort command now uses MacOS sorting for better compatibility with non Roman alphabets
- ContactPad: clicking on an already selected record is now an other way to save changes
- ContactPad: Added a button to clear a field in the import dialog
- ContactPad: Import Command: fixed a bug that caused extra characters to be imported
- ContactPad: fixed a problem that caused a contact to be duplicated after the use of the import command
- ContactPad: Added an "Address Format" option in the Preference panel, mainly to use the Japanese address format.
- ContactPad: new formats in the "Print List" dialog
- ContactPad: fixed a crashing bug when deleting all columns in the Print List dialog
- ContactPad: fixed a problem with the "Beginning" button in the Import dialog
- ContactPad: removed garbage character when printing note fields of contacts.
- AliasPad: fixed a crashing bug when icons were displayed
- AliasPad: reworked the way aliases are stored
- Moved strings into resource fork for easier localization
- Japanese version soon available

version 3.1
- A “carbonized” version of iOrganize is available
- Fixed several bugs in the search engine
- Fixed a problem with copy/paste under rare circonstances
- Some interface changes to be better compliant with custom themes
- Some other small fixes

version 3.0
- iOrganize is now TSM Aware with Inline Input support
- Fixed : only the category title was being shown in the search panel
- Fixed lack of redrawing of the text part in the NotePad Search mode
- Fixed autonaming of notes according to the first line
- iOrganize is able to use temporary memory for very long texts
- Fixed import from iOrganize 1.x
- Font Menu now behave correctly on multi-script systems

version 3.0b3
- Fixed a potential startup freeze
- Fixed a crashing bug which occured when selecting a japanese font
- "Portable" field renamed "Cellular" in the ContactPad

version 3.0b2
- Some menu shortcuts have been fixed
- NotePad : The previous note was still visible when creating a new category
- Scrollbars were sometimes not refreshed
- NotePad : Default font is now use to handle data import from iOrganize 2.x
- NotePad : Automatic switch to defaut font when creating a new note
- Some fixes to help support of foreign alphabets
- ContactPad : Most fields now supports Inline Input and are TSM Aware

version 3.0b1
- NotePad&ContactPad : NotePad notes and the ContactPad note field can now store more than 32 kb of text, only limited by memory. This version also adds a lot of keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation and edition such as triple clicks, selection using shift+arrow, option+arrow,...
- NotePad : Added a Font menu, which let you edit precisely the fonts in your notes, as well as a size menu for font size selection, and a style menu (usual styles, justification and text color selection)
- NotePad : Fixed a bug in the search window when text from a previous search was still displayed
- NotePad : faster scrolling of the text
- NotePad : Multiple Undo and Redo support (also in the ContactPad note field)
- NotePad : The user is now always asked to confirm Category deletions
- AliasPad : 3 kinds of display are now available for the alias list : text, small icons, big icons
- AliasPad : Finder-like appearance both for the right column
- AliasPad : Up&Down arrows let you move into the list
- AliasPad : Corrected some cosmetic bugs when switching from another application
- AliasPad : Added an AliasPad tab in the preference dialog, with 3 options : Open AliasPad when iOrganize is launched, Remember the position of the AliasPad, Quit iOrganize when clicking on the close box
- Added a "Module" menu
- Reorganized the menus, so as to display only the ones relevant to the currently used module
- Added Cmd-Shift-Z as keyboard equivalent to Redo
- Improved the About and Register dialog to add Internet links
- Minor Bug fixes and memory optimizations

Version 2.7

  • NotePad : Improved layout to save screen space
  • NotePad : Double-clicking on a note in search mode automatically switch to this note in the edit mode
  • NotePad : More font & size choices in preference
  • NotePad : Font choice is active for both the search&edit modes
  • NotePad : Handles better empty notes when auto naming is activated
  • NotePad : Notes imported from the MacOS NotePad are now given a number
  • ContactPad : New dialog to export contacts in text format
  • ContactPad : Page Setup prefs are now used when using the "Print List" Commands
  • Improved the appearance of the default buttons with non platinuum themes

Version 2.6

  • ContactPad : Ability to print list of contacts. This new printing system is very complete with a large choice of possible columns, and it is possible to store and restore user defined models
  • NotePad & ContactPad : The English version now supports more alphabets
  • NotePad : Corrected a bug which occured while moving the last note of a category
  • Notepad : No line deletion if none exists
  • ContactPad : It is possible to select a blank line using the mouse
  • Works again with System 7.x and MacOS 8.0/8.1
  • A 68K version of iOrganize 2.6 is available
  • Source code modified to be more Carbon complia
  • Moved from CodeWarrior Pro5.2 to CW Pro5.3 & Universal Headers 3.3.2

Version 2.5

  • ContactPad : New real time search engine, with regexp support
  • ContactPad : Keyboard navigation using up/down arrows
  • ContactPad : Finder appearance for the left column
  • ContactPad : much faster sort functions, so sorting is now always activated
  • ContactPad : It is now possible to resize the left column using the window grow box.
  • ContactPad : Improved what is displayed in the left column
  • NotePad : Corrected some menu keys equivalent which were unintentionaly changed in the 2.1 version
  • NotePad : added a minimum window size
  • NotePad : Regex is now called Regexp
  • Slightly changed the way files are opened
  • Documentation : Major update, rewritten in pdf format. Smaller in size.

version 2.1.0

  • NotePad : New powerful Find command, which features real time search while typing, and regular expressions (regex) support. Two modes are now available to use the notepad : edit mode and search mode.
  • NotePad : Corrected the background color under the tab control to be Appearance compliant
  • NotePad : ability to navigate using the keyboard (up/down arrows to move in the list, left/right arrow to switch tabs, and tab key to switch from the column to the editing field)
  • NotePad : improved appearance of the note column (now looks like a Finder list, with a grey appearance and translucent dragging)
  • ContactPad : Made the Import Tabulated Text File much more clean and Appearance compliant. It is also possible to concatenate several City/Zip/State fields during the import.
  • ContactPad : Fixed a small cosmetic bug in the note field (the text cursor sometimes remained when it shouldn't)
  • ContactPad : Now saves after each change to avoid losing data if another application crashes
  • Fixed a small bug in the column resizers (it is no longer possible to move behind the bounds)
  • Small speed improvements in the database engine
  • Pref : clarified the first option : "Open the NP/CP when iOrganize is launched"

Version 2.0.0

  • New database engine : all the modules have been nearly completly rewritten to use it. iOrganize should be much faster now. Most number limitations are removed (nearly any number of notes and contacts is now possible). iOrganize is now much more robust and the rare "lost notes bugs" should all disappear since I am no longer relying on the MacOS Resource Manager. You will have to use the import command to retrieve your files from the 1.x version.
  • ContactPad : new command "Import Tabulated Text File..." to let you import contacts from another application.
  • ContactPad : corrected a font problem in the Address2 field
  • ContactPad/AliasPad : fixed a drag/scrolling bug in the left column
  • NotePad : fixed the size of the drag frame when moving notes
  • NotePad : Corrected the appearance of some dialog buttons under MacOS 7.x

Version 1.5.0

  • NotePad : Drag&Drop to organize notes is enabled !
  • NotePad : iOrganize remembers the last note selected when quitting
  • NotePad : Fixed bug which could cause a temporary blanking of the index column
  • NotePad : New Command : "Exchange Categories..."
  • NotePad : New Command : "Move Note to Another Category…"
  • NotePad : New Preference option to rename notes automatically according to the first line of a note
  • NotePad & ContactPad : New preference option to quit iOrganize when clicking on the window close box

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed a bug which could cause erratic writtings in the NotePad listbox.
  • Reduced the memory footprint by 500 kb.
  • Improved the behaviour of the NotePad scroller when switching notes
  • Rewrote the readme file

Version 1.0.0

  • First English release