Here are some applications I wrote for MacOS X. Feel free to contact me if you have any question.


Is the MacOS NotePad too limited for your needs? That made me think about developing a more convenient NotePad, which has become iOrganize, a new multipurpose software package that includes an advanced NotePad, an address book, and an alias manager!

MacOS X status : Cocoa version available
Version : 4.4.1
License : Shareware
Click here to go on the iOrganize web site


Tired of the Aqua theme? Try NextAppearance and all your Cocoa applications (such as or the System Preferences) will automatically sport a new user interface! Caution: due to some bugs in MacOS X, this new theme is not perfect, and some applications freeze when you click in a text field (you have to kill them in this case)

MacOS X status : Cocoa (Objective-C) version available
Version : 1.0
License : Freeware (no longer works with current MacOS X versions)
Click here to DOWNLOAD NextAppearance (Cocoa Version)


iLabel is the perfect application for all your repetitive printing tasks, may you want to print your business cards or the labels for your next mail merge!

MacOS X status : Carbon (C++) version available
Version : 1.7
License : Shareware
Click here to DOWNLOAD iLabel (Carbon Version)